BRIDGESTONE RS10 street&track 120/200 SET

This is the latest DOT race tire from Bridgestone, appropriate for all track riders from novice up to expert racers.  Incredible grip, fast warm-up, and very light handling allowing tight radius turns and strong corner exits. Revised carcass and rubber compounds directly derived from the Bridgestone MotoGP tire program, these tires are the state-of-the-art in DOT race tire design!

  • Details

    Suggested Race Track Tire Pressures:

    120/70ZR17 Front: 28 psi cold or 31 psi hot
    190/55ZR17 Rear: 26 psi cold or 30 psi hot
    200/55ZR17 Rear: 25 psi cold or 29 psi hot