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C.H.R. Digital Controlled Tire Warmers

Chicken Hawk Racing Digital Tire Warmers with trick, digital controllers that display actual tire temperature as the units work their magic.

•Super strong Gentex Kevlar exterior.
•DuPont Nomex/Kevlar insulation, to set hot pressures and heat the entire carcass deep down.
•Neoprene sides insulate the tire and wheel, and help block wind blowing across your rims.
•Melt-proof DuPont Nomex inner liner, with heat sensitive dye to show mis-use or mal-function.
•Digital temperature control, adjust to different compounds and track temperatures.
•C.H.R. proprietary “full coverage” heating element, slow even heat up and uniquely flexible.
•Neoprene side panels and Velcro closing, for fast and smooth fit.
•Silicone power cord with quick connect.
•Including hard carrying case.
  • Details

    •Moto3/GP125 size
    •155-175 sized rear tire
    •180-205 sized rear tire
    •Custom build - - - All Auto Tire Warmers are built to your car/tire size.
    •Custom build - - - Pit Bike, Classic, Flat Track, Scooter, Drag Race, Go Kart also available!

    Chicken Hawk DTC2 Digital Controller:
    •Select Heat Soak or Normal Heat Up mode.
    •Running time tells how long your warmers have been on.
    •Vieuw actual tire temprature and target temprature simultaneously.
    •120/240 dual Voltage capability.
    •Fahrenheit or Celsius display.
    •Quick disconect power cord.
    •Easy to read, Blacklit display.

    What is "heat soaking"?

    Heat soaking is when heat penetrates into the wheel and tire until the temperature becomes stable. Once stable, the tire and wheel will gain minimal additional heat when used on the track. Your tire pressure remains as close as possible to the pressure you set in the pits.

    By heating a cold or brand new tire slowly in our Heat Soak mode, the tire will see lower surface tempratures than in Normal mode. This helps prefent scorching your tires or having chemicals in the tire activate more than desired while you're still in the pits.

    Chicken Hawk Digital Controlled motorcycle tire warmers are equiped with neoprene side panels.

    Hot tire pressure is more important than ever. These neoprene sides additionally insulate the tire and wheel, help block wind blowing across your rims. The elastic strech also provides a smooth fit!

    Side panels only available in 180-200 & Moto3 size.